Sources for curation

You’ll find that my sources are almost always blogs instead of news sources, which I find fitting, considering my topic. This just goes to show how social media and online “citizen journalism” is becoming a legitimate news source and much of the information out there about it comes straight from itself. There might be other sources mixed in with interesting information to this curation blog, but these are the main sources available to those going hunting for the most relevant information in social media journalism

10,000 Words: Where journalism and technology meet
This blog by author Mark Luckie (The Digital Journalist’s Handbook) looks at tools and tips for journalists looking to use multimedia and interactive media to boost their product. Social media falls into this category, and occasionally he blogs about tips to use them more effectively as journalists. While this won’t be a constant resource for this blog, it will occasionally provide interesting information.

Mashable/Social Media
This Mashable page is entirely devoted to social media and the resources available to use it. It’s target audience is not necessarily just journalists, but rather everyone who uses social media. A lot of these tips, however, can be used by journalists looking to effectively use the resource, and a lot of the trends and tools it links to are important for both journalists and the average social media user.

Journalistics: A blog about Public Relations, Journalism and Social Media
While the title of this blog kind of speaks for itself, I want to clarify that I’ll be looking more on the journalism posts and less on the PR posts. The PR posts may have some things that would interest journalists, but the posts about branding and increasing revenue don’t always apply to journalists.

E-Media Tidbits
This is a group blog on the Poynter Online website that looks at the intersection between news and technology. Again, not all of these posts will deal directly with social media, as there are many different parts to technology and media, but some of them will, and this can be a good resource to find more information.

LostRemote: Where journalism meets social media
The title of this blog speaks volumes as to how helpful it will be in my curation. It is entirely about the world of journalism within the realms of social media. It looks at blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the hyperlocal news scene, where many of these tools are taking off.

Nieman Journalism Lab: A project of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University
“The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age.” This is the slug on the website’s homepage, and I think it shows how it applies to this curation. Such a huge component of the Internet age is social media, and so in looking at how journalism can survive and thrive must include social media. This website looks at all parts of the Internet age, but it touches on that realm at some points.

This is another Poynter Online blog that, in itself, is a curation of sorts. It curates the best of news about the media, and sometimes it includes things about journalism moving online and looking at social media. Taking the best social media news from the best media news in general assures that I will be looking at some of the best content, rather than just some random information that may or may not be legitimate.

Online Journalism Review
This project, presented by the Knight Digital Media Center, focuses on the future of digital journalism. It is associated with the USC Annenburg School for Communication and Journalism and looks at a lot of educational aspects of the future of digital journalism, which I think would go well with some of the other things more geared toward tips and tools.

MediaShift: Your guide to the digital media revolution
This website is sponsored by PBS and is another educational-type site. It looks a lot at how things are changing, including journalism’s relationship with social media. The posts on that topic in particular will be most useful in this curation.

ReadWriteWeb: WebApps, web technology trends, social networking and social media
This blog is all about the Internet industry. So instead of looking at social media through the lenses of journalism, this looks at it through the lens of technology and the Internet. It’s a different perspective, but I think it’s an important one for a journalist who wants to be up-to-date on the future of the Internet and the tools at his or her disposal.


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